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When it comes to the implementation, management and evaluation of business controls as they apply to the IT Environment, sometimes we as administrators, developers, management, ownership and members of the board of directors might be missing the big picture. Part of the challenge is that we are constantly faced with fighting the fire drill du jour. As a result, we scarcely have time to look at the big picture, how we are doing are work, and measuring/evaluating if what we are doing meets the strategic goals and objectives of the organization. We miss the opportunity to implement compliance oriented architectures. Read more...

PermaLinkLife with Plain Text Only Outlook 2003 For E-MailComments (12961)

Category : E-Mail Tools

It is coming up on one month now that I have left the comfortable world of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino for a job where I would be forced to use Outlook 2003 for day-to-day email at work. While there are some things about Outlook I find that I like a little better, there are other things driven by comfort factor and policy that have me seriously going through Notes withdrawal.
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PermaLinkTime to Say Goodbye to My Lotus Software/IT Full-Time CareerComments (777)

Category : General

I have been dropping hints on Twitter that a change is coming in my life that had a couple of people scratching their heads. So now is the time for the big "reveal". On Monday, May 10, 2010 I will be reporting for my new job in an old career with the Naval Sea Systems Command as a contract specialist supporting major weapons systems acquisition. This marks a major change in my career and life plans, and I want to explain it a bit and shout out to specific people.

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PermaLinkApple Offers Sneak Peak of New iPhone TV AdsComments (53)

Category : iPhone

One of the great things about being on distribution lists for press releases is that you occasionally get early access to ads that are going to be on television in the near future. Surprisingly, Apple is being a little more open and is allowing these ads to be embedded in web sites. Since so many of my colleagues and friends love the iPhone and its apps, I thought it would be fun to share them here (I normally do not embed videos). Enjoy!
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PermaLinkA Clarification on the "New Career and Hiccup" PostComments (117)

Category : About Me

Apparently, a few people that read "A New Career and a Hiccup" thought it meant I had changed careers recently. Yes, I am currently between situations and am actively seeking/welcoming new challenges and opportunities. But that post, along with "How I First Got Into Government Procurement", is part of a series where I am sharing what my first career out of school was, and how it led to new and exciting opportunities.

That being said, if you know of any opportunities out there, please don't be shy. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know.

PermaLinkReminder: Last Day to Follow Live Lotusphere 2010 Tweet/Blog FeedComments (75)

Category : Lotusphere 2010

I just wanted to remind readers from the IBM Lotus Software community that this is the last day to follow the live feed of Lotusphere 2010 Tweets and Blogs. It will, of course, be up there forever (well as long as the blog exists) as an archive. But that is just not as much fun as following it live.

It is being powered by CoverItLive!, a easy to integrate and use tool that I am surprised more Lotusphere attendees, are not using for their live blogs.

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